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Resisting You by SH

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When I see you in your ‘good’
I can’t help but want you
I imagine my skin next to yours
our bodies caressing and writhing.

A look you give
That I just can’t resist
But I must break this cycle
Of craziness between us.

The hurt I feel from your betrayal
And the sacrifices I made
For nought but heartache
Leave me filled with so much anger.

And yet I want you, need you
Deep inside me
Moving as only we two know how
a carnal need ignited in our eyes.

An unspoken link that transverses
Understanding by others
A link no one else could replace
Or so it seems.

But even though it brings such ecstasy
I know I will return to hurt and pain
This never ending cycle
That only I can break.

And so I must resist you when
All of me is crying out for you
Because I know no good will come of this
Except a moment of pure bliss.

Guest Post

This post has been submitted by a reader of Fairy Tale Shadows.

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  1. Beautiful written. You aren’t alone, I literally feel the exact same way.

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