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Fairy Tale Shadows was founded by Kristen Milstead, Ph.D. to support and validate survivors of narcissistic abuse. The website seeks to elevate the voices of survivors through personal narrative, as well as to advance research on pathological love relationships and to develop new resources for survivors based on this research. By working with other educators, mental health professionals, and researchers, Kristen’s goal is to use the website to increase societal support for survivors among mental health professionals, the legal system, and society at-large, and to help survivors find the resources they need to successfully exit and recover from these relationships.


Website values:

  • Knowledge: Educating ourselves! Read as many websites, books, and articles and get as many perspectives as you can. You’ll find the voices that speak to you during your recovery and that is crucial.
  • Non-Judgment: This is a place where there will be no judgment based on what anyone has been through or where anyone is in their recovery journey.
  • Respect: Everyone’s story is valid.
  • Community: We are not alone and we don’t have to be silent. 
  • Empowerment: There is no shame in being a survivor. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that. Also, this is not the only thing that defines us. This is our story, and we will tell it how we want to and talk about it when we want to.   


A Note About Ads

Let’s just put it out there. I don’t like advertisements either. When I first started this website, I didn’t intend for this to be anything but a place for me to write about what I went through, but it’s quickly become so much more and I want to continue to make it the best it can be. I didn’t realize there was so much involved with maintaining a website and I don’t have the knowledge or background to do everything it takes by myself and ensure that it stays high-quality and functional as the readership grows.

Making the decision to work with an advertising management company was one that I made so that I can keep building and creating a high-quality resource for survivors of narcissistic abuse. Here is a sampling of some of the things the advertising revenue has paid for to date:

  • website design;
  • dedicated email and mailing list registration, which ensures that you can get the posts you sign up to receive; 
  • services or software enhancements that enable me to create and edit video and to design and make graphics, charts, and tables;
  • self-hosting, dedicated server space, and various maintenance to enhance site speed and ensure website security;
  • access fees and other types of service, licensing, or purchase fees associated with accessing research materials or other copyrighted information.

These things enhance my ability to develop new research ideas and design creative resources without having to worry about cost barriers and provide them for free.  Thank you for your support! If you have thoughts or ideas about ways to enhance the website further, please contact me.