Living Through and Recovering From a Relationship with a Narcissist

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Free Narcissistic Abuse Recovery eBook!

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Would you like a copy of my eBook,

“Taking Your Life Back After a Relationship with a Narcissist?”


It’s 100% free and I’m excited and honored to share it with you.


The eBook contains 71 pages explaining the Five Stages of Narcissistic Abuse Enlightenment through which you need to progress in order to be free of the narcissist in your life forever. 


I wrote the book by combining some of the therapeutic exercises I have used myself to begin recovering with the research I’ve done on cognitive dissonance in narcissistic relationships that explains why the bond with the narcissist is so difficult to break.


The eBook includes thought exercises, preparatory activities, and concrete ideas for next steps on moving forward in your journey of recovery, regardless of where you are in right now. 


I also included a huge list of resources I used along the way.


To get the eBook, please enter your Email address below. You’ll also start receiving future blog posts delivered straight to you so you don’t miss anything.  You can opt out at any time.

I respect your privacy and anonymity. I don’t share your Email address with anyone else or  ask you for any personal information other than your email so I can reach out to you and send you information that I hope will help.



Thank you. Please carefully read the Email you receive for instructions on how to verify that it was really you who entered your Email address and then to download the eBook.  If you don’t receive the Email, please check your SPAM folder.