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Greener Than Glass by Blue Sky

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It was an act
And can all be traced back to one night
The night you looked into my soul
Eyes greener than glass
Here you were at last
My soul mate, my twin flame
My life would never be the same

You shared my love
Saw my need and gave it all you had
Dug your nails in my back in more ways than one
You loved me like no other one
And I saved you from your past
I never understood it wouldn’t last

We got married
Red flags I had ignored as you persuaded
Me you had made mistakes
And when you walked down the aisle
I cried at your beauty and the love we almost missed
Bound together by vows, a ring, a kiss
It would never get better than this

Over the threshold
I carried you to bed
Goodnight you said and fell asleep
No longer irresistible you pushed me away
Accused me of things I didn’t say
Your love for me disappearing day by day
Until what was on my mind I didn’t say

Then you left
And you returned and left and came back
It was all my fault and you made me apologise for that
Then you tore me apart
Bit by bit you watched me disintegrate
Then you left me again for your own sake

We dated and met
I thought we were saving our marriage
But you just weren’t done with me yet
Until the killer blow
You were not in love with me anymore
And I should let you go
You who were my life, my wife still expected me to say no

You wanted to be friends
Said this couldn’t be the end
But I can’t do this anymore
You have taken all I had to give and more
I said no
And you left me for the last time
It’s time to heal and know that I am mine.


Blue Sky’s Bio:

I married the woman I believed was my past, present and future only to have my entire life and self turned upside down and inside out in the most toxic ways. Trying to heal. UK.

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