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Phoenix Arisen From the Ashes by Tory Lantis

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I was locked out of my, never to gain admittance to it again to retrieve so much as a pair of underwear.

At nearly 70, I lived in a nearby forest in a cave for 9 months with no amenities, until one day my hair froze and I nearly died of hypothermia.

I was forced to flee to a victims of violence shelter, where 18 months later I am still homeless.

He continues to reside in my home with another woman. I have sought every avenue possible to get my home back to no avail.

I am okay and safe now and have gotten much therapy in regards to narcissistic behavior. I am better every day in understanding what happened to me. It isn’t easy starting literally from nothing at my age but I am doing it, one day at a time.

Tory’s Bio:

I am 67.  A “lady.” I was with my male life partner for 22 years. I am educated, healthy and well-traveled. I like to think I am spiritually evolved. I raised 3 successful, respectful, loving daughters.

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