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Thank You!


I just wanted to check in and give you a big thank you for taking the time to visit my website. If you’ve been reading my articles for a while, you have been witnessing my recovery from my relationship with a narcissist playing out in real time, and I appreciate all of your support. I’ve tried to be as raw and honest as I can about what I’ve experienced these last few months and what I’ve learned in order to give as much of that support back as possible.

If you have been here for a while, you may have noticed a few changes to the website over the last couple of months, including some design changes and new advertising.

I first started this blog not long after I went no-contact with my ex because I wanted to claim my narrative and empower myself again. I think that’s why so many of us feel compelled to speak out after a relationship like this one– we have been silenced and manipulated for so long, we just want our own voices back.

When people started reading it and contacting me, the mutual validation of our experiences motivated me to keep writing and I had this naive idea that that’s all I would be doing: writing and communicating with you all.

Very quickly, it began morphing into so much more, however.

For example, given the nature of the topic and based on a couple of events, I’ve had to take steps to increase website security, ensure confidentiality, and maintain my own privacy.

I’ve also had to deal with some issues I knew nothing about such as “content-scraping,” which involves other websites stealing all or part of other writers’ content and passing it off as their own. In addition, as more and more people visit my website, there have also been new website maintenance needs that were beyond my skill level to take care of to ensure the website functions properly.

Let’s just say I had no idea things could get so complicated!

I was at a fork where I had to decide whether to shut things down or find a way to take care of the expenses these issues and others raised. So I made the decision to select a new advertising company to help defray the costs of the services I have needed to acquire. Believe me–I don’t like ads either, so your understanding on this is greatly appreciated.

In return, I’m doing my best to give back.

I hope you have received or downloaded the toolkit containing exercises for going no-contact and moving on from the relationship. Those are real “tools” I used myself that actually worked (although I didn’t think of them as tools at the time– just things I did to keep myself sane).

I’m also working on providing content in different formats, such as videos. I’ve had requests to start doing more of them for a while, and I’m going to make that a bigger priority.

Thank you again for being a part of my journey. It’s my honor to be a part of yours.

Stay Strong,


Kristen Milstead

Instagram: fairytaleshadows

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    1. Hi Linda: Just click the button in the orange bar at the top of this page that says “Free Recovery Toolkit” and it will take you through the process of getting it. Thank you! -Kristen

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